Aliens Among Us: What We Got Under Our Skin and Inside Us
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Aliens Among Us: What We Got Under Our Skin and Inside Us

Parasites and micro-organisms in humans
               Since time immemorial, man had always been not alone. Despite the futile attempt of our kind in seeking companionship out of complicated social interactions for physical fulfilment or spiritual gratification just to contain that urge, the restlessness just seem to overwhelm us. Whatever is inside us which are literally eating our purpose for life, are creatures out of our worst imagination which we have taken for granted from the moment that we were born. The thing is should we seek companionship from one of our kind or should we seek solace to live alone as a hermit, we are never truly out on our own. If we believe in God maybe it’s time we should think about being God ourselves, playing host to these creatures. 

                We have heard of remoras attaching to sharks or other large fishes and barnacles growing out of whale’s body but we haven’t seen the worst. As the line of song goes “I got you under my skin” the creature we thought we have kept within ourselves as a partner we were too reluctant to let go to fall out for somebody else isn’t our own kind but had been too loyal to live with us all the time. These creatures are certainly not our soulmates and amusingly there is no love involved but unfortunately we are bound to live with them inside ourselves. Eggs of lung fluke had been found in fossilized feces found in Northern Chile dating back from 5900 BC. From hookworm eggs, roundworm and tapeworm eggs, trails of evidence had been found in Brazil dating back from 5000 BC, Peru in 2330 BC and from Egyptian mummies dating back from 2000 BC, 1250 BC and 1000 BC. A startling calcified but intact female worm was also identified inside a mummy. With our present technology, a documented classification of endoparasites (those living inside the body of another organism) from protozoan organisms and worms to ectoparasites (those living outside of another organism’s body) were recorded.

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              With our complex lifestyle from our food intake, social practices and customs and traditions it is difficult to analyze how prone we are to provide habitat to these micro-organisms beyond our knowing. Symptoms may indicate infection but the possibility of identifying the root cause from these organisms is meager and we may actually be treated for a different illness that could aggravate the infection. Whatever makes us happy could kill or endanger us more than we know. From sexually transmitted diseases interacting with our kind to caressing our beloved pet dogs or cats and getting licked at. So let us treasure each moment to celebrate while we are still alive and well. Contrary to our belief that we are led to the things we love, unfortunately too, we also make ourselves directly in contact with the things we hate, but the attraction could linger on forever. Life doesn’t decide but we do. Unconsciously doing it, however, becomes our peril.


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Comments (5)

we should be very careful with the food we intake

Interesting write Will but as you know I am fond of the hook worm!! LOL... tweeted and dug

we have more to fear from chemicals that we put into our bodies and lungs than from worms.. but because of the world we have been conditioned to live in we are more scared of natural things... its odd.

Life is indeed about co-existence . Sometimes bizaare but it must be better to thrive with worms inside us on a tolerable level than being intoxicated by chemicals that we may introduce inside ourselves to purge out these organisms but will have disastrous effects on us in turn..

Brillaint work Will, very much enjoyed this read!