How Dangerous Are Cell Phones To Your Health?
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How Dangerous Are Cell Phones To Your Health?

The dangers associated with cell phone usage can be physical or otherwise. Brain cancer is associated with usage of cell phones though care has to be taken on the part of your health; studies are still underway to ascertain these allegations. Responsible cell phone use is the only way to take care of your personal health

The phenomenal growth of cell phone usage both in developed and developing countries has brought in many health concerns. In America alone, there are over 2 million users and over a billion users across the globe. Everywhere you go there are several people nearby using a cell phone including places like movie theatres, concert halls, gas stations and banking halls where the gadget is banned.

Most cell phone users do not think twice when they are using their cell phones whether sending a text message, calling or receiving a call. This happens all the time when people are driving, in restaurants, at the drug store, when crossing the road and in parking lots. People tend to be guided by their instinct and fail to notice the physical dangers they are exposing themselves to.

Using a cell phone to communicate is very normal but this tends to distract the user from their surroundings and loss of focus and concentration can lead to accidents especially if the massage evokes emotional feelings. There are reported cases of accidents, either at the work place or on the highway, which results from cell phone use.

To address your concern, there are concerns that cell phone use can also affect you personal health however this depends on the length of use. The current rising brain cancer infection has been linked to cell phone usage. Since the introduction of cell phones in the market, there has been an upward rise in brain cancer. The question that comes to mind is; are cell phones responsible for this trend?

There are reports that people develop tumours around the area that they hold cell phones against and this partly acts as the link to cell phones and brain cancer. This though does not mean that all users will develop any form of cancer.

Latest studies indicate out of a half a million cell phone users studied in Denmark showed no increase in cancer risks for cell phone users. On the hand, it is argued that analogue phones pose the greatest risk. According to FDA data, there is no specific problem associated with wireless phone usage neither do they say there any phone categories that are safer.

cell phones continue to raise concerns especially when studies indicate that they emit radiation when in use but these have low levels just like the ones emitted by a oven or microwave ovens and the amounts are quite negligible. Use of hand-free sets does not alleviate the situation either as this transfer the effects to the head exposing it to direct radiation. The choice of the hand-free set you choose to use should be certified and proven to reduce direct radiation transfer.

From the pedestrian to the driver on the road, common sense has to prevail but with contradicting scenarios, studies are ongoing to establish whether cell phone use and radiation emitted is harmful to ones health. It is therefore ones responsibility to ensure cell phone does not pose any physical dangers or otherwise.

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Some editing company conducted researches with moble phones and found that it's really true that they make bad influent on the people's health.

Thank you Albert for this awakening article. Cellphone has its own dangers. Hope to avail your friendly support.

Nice article with essential tips. Thanks Albert. Requesting your support.

Excellent work.