How to Overcome Somatization Disorder
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How to Overcome Somatization Disorder

Somatization disorders can be difficult to overcome from the starting point, but once you overcome them, you'll never understand how you got that way in the first place.

Somatization disorder is often categorized with hypochondria, panic attacks, depression and fibromyalgia. They all have one large thing in common, and it is that western medicine and psychology does not have any guess as to what truly causes them. There are lots of guesses and theories, but none of them choose to believe in the obvious.

Your Body is a physical manifestation of your Spirit and your Mind.

Slowly but surely, modern medicine is catching up with this ancient knowledge. However, since it will take them a while, I will explain it here in this article. As Somatization disorder is categorized as an unexplained amount of distress and pain in the body, it is simple to understand what truly causes it. It's barely complicated at all.

Because your physical body is simply a manifestation of your spirit and mind, it will quickly start to show the state of health that your spirit and mind are in, through physical ailments. If you're feeling depressed, the body often takes on influenza like symptoms. If you're constantly worried or anxious, your body might start to show the signs of low immune system functions. The list can go on forever, and there are no physical ailments that cannot be explained by the connection (or lack of) to the spirit and mind. None of them can function without the others.

So with this in mind, it is important to remember a few key aspects.

1) You cannot heal the mind and spirit through attempting to band aide symptoms

2) If you heal the mind and spirit, the body will follow suit

3) The body will never truly be healthy when the mind, spirit and body are not all in balance. It will continue to manifest the true feelings of your spirit and mind, even if you are very good at masking those feelings in your subconscious.

To overcome Somatization Disorder, you will need to:

(a) Remember that Pain Is Only Temporary. I know that it seems like it's there constantly and that you fear it might never go away, but the pain really is only temporary, it cannot be continuous unless you allow yourself to think that it is. Think back, can you not remember times when the pain was not there, or not as bad? This is your clue, and once you accept that no pain can be constant, the pain will already start to lessen.

(b) Remember that pain is what lets you know your body is working, it lets you know that you are alive. Even the pains that alert us to dysfunctions and problems in the body, is still a positive aspect. It is the body's way of saying "WAKE UP! You Need to do something about this!!" The trick with somatization, is to remember that pain is and can be bearable. Part of the disorder, is that it is characterized by the mind being too alert and over sensitive to pains that a normal mind would ignore. You will need to remember that although you are in pain, that pain doesn't need to stop you from doing anything. And in fact, the more you let it stop you from continuing your life, the more it hurts, doesn't it?

It is also essential to remember that pain medications, tranquilizers, valiums and muscle relaxers can make your situation worse. If you must take something for pain, go herbal. Cannabis has many great anti-inflammatory, pain killing, cell regeneration, anti-viral and immune system boosting qualities that you can utilize. Dandelion tea is another one you might try, as it is great for inflammation and detoxifying the body. Pharmaceutical "numbers" have a way of making the mind go numb from the pain that was not so bad originally, and once you are out of those medications, the body automatically puts out hormones to make the pain feel like it's ten times worse. This is part of the addictive nature of prescriptions and if you are taking them, you are making the battle ten times worse.

(c) Live your life, and learn to take the hurdles as they come. Remember that yesterday and tomorrow DO NOT EXIST, except in your mind. Only today matters, as even when tomorrow comes, it will not be tomorrow, it will be today. The past is the past, and we can never go back to it, except for in memories. Try not to hold to fears of future pain, diseases or death. If you spend all of your time worrying about being sick or dying, before you know it, you'll be knocking of deaths door and won't have spent any of your time living. The key to overcoming somatization disorders is to remember that you are still among the living and as long as you are still among the living, there is no use worrying about dying.

(d) Lowering your stress level is another fundamental step to overcoming the battle with somatization disorder, especially since the disorder is often linked with anxiety and panic attacks. Taking simply steps to lower your stress level can help alleviate pain, bring your renewed energy and start to heal you. Some great ways to start lowering your stress are to practice meditation, yoga and taking time for yourself every day. Reading a great fiction novel is often a great escape and should not be underestimated in it's ability to lower stress levels.

It's also important to focus on not trying to eliminate stress. Especially since not all stress is bad for you, and you will never completely eliminate stress from your life. The trick is to controlling the amount of stress you take on and learning better coping skills for dealing with that stress.

(e) Detoxifying your body through exercise and proper nutrition is another ally to align with. As hard as it might be to get up and walk around the block at least once a day, it's going to be that much harder for everyday you refuse to do it. The body is fickle. The less you use your muscles, the quicker they atrophy and the more pain they cause. The more you use them, the stronger they get, the more resistant to pain they become and the sooner you start to walk away from all the pain. Diet works the same way. If you spent most of your time going for convenience food instead of healthy food, then you're asking for more trouble. It's no secret that cancer forms as the bodies response to an over abundance of toxins in the system, and the culprit is often your diet. This works the same way with somatization. If you eat crap, you will feel like crap. Simple as that.

Junk Food / Pixabay

Try to focus on changing your diet to mostly organic choices. Avoid going for the things that are quick and easy, as they are more likely to be the bad choices that have lead you down your current path. Not to mention, cooking can be considered as much of an exercise as anything else, and it is also a great way to keep the mind busy and away from thinking about negative things.

(f) Social! Don't just sit by yourself thinking about what might happen to you in an hour, tomorrow or months from now. Don't let your doctor, the nursing hotline or your partner be the only company you keep. Somatization is often prevalent among those with low self esteem and confidence. If you find you are without a partner, this can be an even more vital tip to follow.

Your mind will manifest its health in the body, and if you're not having fun, you don't feel like you have supporting friends or you don't go out much, your body is going to manifest those feelings. Getting back out into the world to connect with other people and make more friends is really not as hard as you might imagine it, it simply takes the will to do so, and then you're already there and having fun! That fun will bring good hormones that will bring you healing help in many forms.

(g) Get your Sunshine Vitamins. No, I'm not just talking about vitamin D, though that is a great supplement to take if you live in an area that is constantly overcast with clouds. No, what I am talking about is going outside and getting plenty of sunshine. Not only does it bring you essential vitamins you truly cannot get anywhere but from the sun, but it also increases the proper function of hormones in your brain, which work very hard to help regulate your vital organs. If you spend a lot of time sitting inside or sitting in the shade, you are hurting your body. So make sure to get plenty of time under the sun, so you can get ALL your sunshine vitamins.

(h) Let go of the past. Let go of the traumas. Let go of the memories of things not gone the way you would have liked them. Let go of the pain and let go of your current vision of the future. Let that part of yourself die. Let it go completely and don't look back. You do not need those memories, you don't need the pain and the only way to be reborn as a healthy person again, is to let the negative aspects you have held onto for so long, to die in peace. Let it go and watch the chains that bind you, fall away.

Remember above all, that your prognosis is determined by your resolve to heal yourself. You can see as many doctors, psychologists or healers as you want. None of them can heal you. Only you can heal you. Once you decide you truly would like to rejoin the world of the living that you are still a part of, the only thing left is to follow that path and stop stressing about the past, the pain or the future.

How Diet Can Help

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”. And a diet full of junk food, processed food, animal foods, and sugar, alcohol and empty calories can really take its toll on the body.

Most western doctors refuse to acknowledge that fibromyalgia even exists, and are at a loss as to what to prescribe. There are specific ways of eating that have shown which foods cause these symptoms and which foods can heal the condition.

A diet heavy in meat, fish, sweets, white processed flour, sugars, and oil can really cause these symptoms. Some recent studies have even shown olive oil can cause the symptoms. A change in diet is what is needed. A vegan diet has been shown to relieve and at times cure the aches and pains of fibromyalgia.


You might be thinking that is just too hard, but once trying it, you might feel so good, you will not want to eat the foods you used to eat.

Some doctors believe that a diet heavy in starch and vegetables is by far the healthiest diet on the planet. One book you should read to understand how food affects the body is “The Starch Solution” by Dr. John McDougall.

He points out how so many civilizations throughout the history of man have lived on mainly tubers and potatoes alone. He does not suggest we live on potatoes only, that is just one starch among many non-starch and starch vegetables.

Dr. McDougall has been a doctor since the 1970s and is well versed in how food affects our health. He and his wife have written many books and he has a great web site where you can get a great deal of information.

Considering the debilitating pain and symptoms of somatization and fibromyalgia, changing your diet is certainly worth a try, and you might be surprised as just how good you feel.

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Comments (3)

Very interesting! I had not heard of this


I have been suffering somatization disorder for quite some time and symptoms can be quite distrubing and lead to hypochondria. I have got almost got every test done in the book to diagnoze my pains but nothing came out.

Seeing other websites on the internet, they just scare you off with the symptoms labeling SD as chronic and recommending medicines. This is the first article that address the cause than the symptom - just like my doctor.

I love the optimism that is portrayed and that is what sufferers need. Not psychotic medicines that make things 100 times worse and also, as the writer said, lead to dependibility. I have bookmarked this article.

Excellent. Sorry, I'm out of votes